After spending some time in Afghanistan, as both a guest and filmmaker (most recently shooting feature film 'Jirga' there) I would love to see more visitors to the country as guests of the warm and wonderful people. Not only is Afghanistan arguably the most spectacular country on earth when it comes to it's natural beauty, it is also a land of the dignified, generous people ready to welcome visitors who come with respect, humility and the right intentions: the intentions to listen and learn and receive the unforgettable Afghan gift of hospitality.

So I'd like to share with you this experience. And to do that I have to share with you my extremely valuable and reliable contacts and guides to whom I entrusted my life during my time in Afghanistan. These men and women are streetwise, and very skilled at what they do. They know their history and the political and human terrain of their country. And they are truly lovely individuals who know tell their stories and entertain. They will keep you safe and show you a unique and marvellous time you will hold in your heart forever. In a world of mass-market tourism, Afghanistan is one place hardly touched in this regard, where you're very unlikely to bump into anyone else from your own country taking a selfie, and where your experience will be authentic and will have a purity to it that will refresh your heart.

Of course you worry about the dangers. And no one can make any guarantees in a place like Afghanistan. But let me reassure you, guides who work for AFGHAN ADVENTURES are highly experienced and careful. They know to only take small groups and travel inconspicuously in ordinary cars. And they have a very sensitive ear to the ground. These guides have successfully and safely facilitated dozens or foreign travellers in Afghanistan. Adventure travel has always been about weighing up risks vs gains. And in the case of Afghanistan, to me, the answer is very clear. 

Book one of these adventures now and have a transformative travel experience that will stay with your forever. 

Benjamin Gilmour

Writer / Filmmaker 'JIRGA'





Afghan Adventures' vision is to promote Afghanistan as an accessible tourist destination by providing quality tours and services while promoting sustainable tourism.  Afghanistan has sufficient infrastructure in place to provide an opportunity to revive tourism throughout the country.  This is evidenced by the thousands of domestic and international tourists that come to visit the many wonders of Afghanistan’s natural, cultural and religious sites. 


We offer progressive, creative tours that are fully customisable, ranging from cultural experiences to pure adventure.  Depending on your preference, we will provide you with innovative suggestions for activities and destinations, ranging from trekking and cycling tours to pilgrimage and historical tours, all surrounded by the natural beauty of Afghanistan’s landscape.  Tours along the historic Silk Road are easily organised through our partnership with international tour operators in Central Asia and Europe.